Welcome to the EAAL

These pages are designed to familiarize visitors with the Environmental Anthropology and Archaeology Anthropology Lab (EAAL) at San Diego State University. The EAAL is a research and teaching lab located in two connected rooms in Hardy Tower (135 and 137). It is directed by Dr. Todd Braje and Dr. Matthew Lauerfrom the SDSU Department of Anthropology.The goal of the EAAL is to provide an integrated research and education experience for grad and undergrad students. The labs are a vibrant focal point of training and mentoring in problem-centered anthropological training.

Prospective students should contact:
Todd Braje, website
Email: tbraje@mail.sdsu.edu
Matthew Lauer, web site
Email: mlauer@mail.sdsu.edu

Mailing address:
Environmental Anthropology and Archaeology Anthropology Lab
Department of Anthropology
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego State University
San Diego, CA 92182-6040

What is Environmental Anthropology?
Environmental anthropology is a rapidly growing topical specialization in anthropology that involves a variety of perspectives such as ecological anthropology, historical ecology, human ecology, and behavioral ecology. All of these fields of study are generically considered environmental anthropology and are concerned, in broadest terms, with understanding human-environmental relationships through time and space. Recently environmental anthropology’s practical significance has increased as policy makers and academics have come to recognize the planetary dimensions of environmental degradation.

Hardy Tower 135: Research and Teaching
Hardy Tower 137: Research and conference room

Environmental Anthropology Lab